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Combi Shade

"Marvelous Blend of Form and Function"

- StellaDecore - 

The combi shades is combining the advantages of blinds and roller shades. It produces a variety of mood by the control of view and natural light.  The two pieces of fabric with blockages and visible part are repeated at regular intervals controlling the view and light by a roller system. 

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Combi Shades

The Combi Shades (also called Transitional Shades), represents the latest in window fashion technology — combining the convenience and privacy of a shutter, with the ethereal subtlety of a shade.  Unlike roller shades, the Combi Shade puts you in control, making it easy to adjust the level of light and privacy for any interior.  With over 100 different color options, and a wide variety of fabrics, the Combi Shade is fully-customizable and will add a touch of sophistication to any room.  Whether you want a little more privacy, or need full black-out shades.

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