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"Custom Drapes, Curtains, Hardware"

- StellaDecore - 

Nothing deepens the drama and richness of a room like custom draperies and curtains. Stelladecore, we are dedicated to helping you create the design aesthetic that perfectly embodies your tastes and vision for your space.

Combining products such as blinds or shades with draperies adds a polished, romantic, and deeply indulgent look.

Pleated Draperies.jpg

Pleated Draperies

Whether classic or updated, pleated drapes feature traditional stiffening in the headers that allows them to be shaped into neat, crisp pleats. Mount with any of our hardware collections; we’ll pre-place drapery pins for traversing hardware, or use rings on any non-traversing hardware styles. Various styles include double-pinched pleats, pencil pleats, goblet pleats, box pleats, butterfly pleats, and cartridge pleats. Pleated panels are a classic style of drapery and so never really go out of fashion, although their popularity rises and falls with current trends.

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