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Roller Shade

"Marvelous Blend of Form and Function"

- StellaDecore - 

Window Shades are a marvelous blend of form and function. They soften hard angels and lines and let sunlight filter into a room while keeping prying eyes out. Stelladecore designs to add wonderful color, style, and panache. In fact, our shades are so visually appealing that it is easy to forget how partial they are, too!


Roller Shade & Screen Shades

Spend your time indoors comfortably, while maintaining your view of the outdoors with our fade-free solar roller and screen shades. The tastefully minimalistic design reduces glare and heat by diffusing bright sunlight in your home’s most sun-drenched spaces and perfect for any California home. Solar roller and screen shades reduce heat in sun-facing rooms and feature a versatile style that complements a variety of interiors, from formal and modern to casual and traditional. Available in an array of beautiful fabrics, designs, colors, and opacities.

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